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War in Heaven

The War in HeavenThe Apocalypse is upon us.

Fire and lightning rain down from the sky as angels above visit God’s wrath upon the Earth, and it’s up to Marcus Carter and the New Illuminati to stop them.
Marcus Carter, a tech genius and billionaire, gives free, unlimited energy to all the people of the Earth as a parting gift, then he, and a group of scientists disgusted with all the corruption and death in the world caused by greed and religion, gather up their families and leave Earth. Despite being constantly vilified in the media, Marcus and the Illuminati colonists are well on their way to achieving their peaceful, Utopian society when one of their ships, the Drake, is attacked by an unknown alien vessel. They soon find themselves thrust into the middle of a war between two ancient extraterrestrial species. A war which spans millions of years and threatens the enslavement of all of mankind.
With the fate of the entire solar system hanging in the balance, Marcus Carter and the Illuminati must find a way to unite all the peoples of Earth, believers and non-believers alike, if they want to save humanity from an alien invasion.
Set in modern times and dealing with controversial topics, my completed 83k word science fiction novel, War in Heaven Chronicles: Rise of the Illuminati, uses real physics (with minor tweaks of course) to lift our current culture to a level of technology rivaling that of Star Trek. Real biology and archaeology bring the Elves and Dwarves of fantasy, and the Angels and Demons of religion into our modern world, and gives us a Stargate-like history with tendrils reaching back in time thousands, millions of years.

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Here’s the first chapter of the manuscript. Enjoy!

Mallard - War in Heaven - Chapter 1

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